Account Center News

The Account Center was recently updated with changes to its authentication flow.

These changes were made to improve general account security and user privacy by directly using EA's robust account authentication system. In addition to improving the Account Center's security and users' privacy, the update also enables us to provide additional future updates and much-requested features to the Account Center such as Mythic Master Account un-linking, account-based character and server lists, and more!

The update included the following changes:

Authentication Flow Changes

When logging into the Account Center users will be redirected to EA's website briefly and asked to login there. Once successful users will be automatically redirected back to the account center.

Account Creation and Linking

All account creation and account-linking services now occur after a users logs into an existing EA Account or creates a new EA Account.

  • To create a account, login and follow the Create a Trial flow.
  • To link or recover an unlinked Mythic Master Account, login and follow the Link Accounts flow.
  • To reset a Mythic Master Account password use the Forgot my password link during the Link Accounts flow.

    Note: The legacy Mythic Master Account password is different from the EA Account and game account passwords!

Other Account Operations

Once signed into an EA Account all services and systems included but not limited to managing subscriptions, viewing linked game accounts, and resetting game account passwords remain unchanged.

Account Center Guides

Game-specific Account Center guides will be updated to reflect these changes as soon as possible!